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ETHEUR: Long term uptrend update

KRAKEN:ETHEUR   Ethereum/Euro
In my previous chart, in related ideas, I had outlined a set of conditionals that had to pan out for confirmation of further upside in ETH. For now, we're seeing a myriad of bullish signals, and most of the different conditions are becoming true.
If we manage to hit 13.2332 during February, we will have full confirmation of a monthly advance that can take us up by over 2000%, or even 2700% eventually. I'm holding longs from the 8.23usd mark, and

I recently added, by taking profits from part of my 80% account Bitcoin long at 0.01102:
I think we can hit the DAO hack key level soon, which would have us hit the required bullish target to trigger the monthly advance signal. There's also a 3-day timeframe bullish signal which suggests we can hit over 17 euros soon, so, I think all pieces align for this move to happen now.
Good luck if you're long with me. If you want to receive more specific alerts and signals, send me a pm.


Ivan Labrie.
Bình luận: Very solid breakout, time to cruise higher. Hodl!
Bình luận:
Bình luận: Great dip to add to longs.
Bình luận:
Bình luận: We can relax until March 14th.
Bình luận: https://s3.amazonaws.com/tradingview/sna...

I get this and only 32 likes...some other people post vague stuff and get a ton more...of well.
Bình luận:
Hi Ivan,
First of all I have to thank you for your great work of analysis.
I'm totally new to digital currency and opened an account on coinbase about 1 month ago ;-)
Didn't even know what the blokchain was and so on.
But as i took a look at Ethereum in my account and did a little search i came to the following conclusion;
In my humble opinion Ethereum can go way further as Bitcoin and if so, actually anyone can still buy 1.0 Ethereum. ;-)
On the other hand most of the people buy bits of bitcoins
For people who buy actually bitcoin the market can still make you lose a whole lot of money as you buy it at € +1100 per bitcoin.
I do prefer put €1000 in Ethereum on the long run.

Thanks for your great help

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IvanLabrie WallaceWattles
@WallaceWattles, hi, thanks for your comments. Glad to be of help.
Be careful though, you have to be ready to lose 50% or more of what you invest. If the amount is ok, then by all means, buy Ethereum gradually over 1 month to spend your money and invest in it.
The reasoning, although correct, since I think ETH will rally a lot, can fall short, since many people have argued like these, talking about other cryptocurrencies that failed in the past.
Other than that, I would think you're pretty safe being an ETH holder, at least until February 2018.
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I have been following your eth charts / calls for over a year now. They are amazingly accurate. Thank you.
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IvanLabrie Sabretooth007
@Sabretooth007, thanks a lot, good to hear some people benefit from it.
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I got this from 10.50 all the way up because of this analysis. Actually I didn't knew what Ether is before seeing this chart but technicaly it was looking promising thats why I did a research, bought and held some while levereging another part which was closed @19 EUR. Top chart IvanLabrie and keep the good work
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@Anees, thanks a lot, I'm glad to hear.
Phản hồi
Good call Ivan!! Thank you
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Phản hồi
Keep up the excellent work Ivan!!
If I could press the 'like' button one hundred times I would ;-)
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@B00mView, haha thanks!
Best of luck.
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