Which coins may not belong in Top 20 in 2018? (ETH to no1)

KRAKEN:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Đô la Mỹ
Which coins may not belong in Top 20 in 2018?

BTC -> go to no.2
ETH -> to no.1
BCH -> 0.1~0.2btc
NEO -> growth
EOS -> growth

XRP -> p&d
ADA -> p&d?
LTC -> Charlie sold
XMR -> good use case

Probably not:
XLM -> p&d
IOTA -> p&d
DASH -> not as good as XMR
Bình luận: btw, just looking at the ETHUSD chart ---> does it not look like ABC to the green (90D) EMA?
Bình luận: anyway, today it bounced off the purple (30D).
Bình luận: Yes, OMG is good. I have it, too. These are just current t20s. I wanted to see everyone's opinion on which will fall from the list.

It seems there's faith also in etc, icon, xlm, and iota.
Bình luận: Just revisited this subject:



Not my favorite: ADA, IOTA, DASH, TRON, USDT, LSK, ICX, BTG, XRB, Zcash, OMG, Steem, BCN, SNT, XVG

This is the current T30.

Any ideas on lower-cap more promising (likely to pump hard) coins?
Bình luận: Yes, NEO is in Good of course. My core

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the coins that held well and where the money is going after this correction.. those will be the short and medium term winners
what about Decred and Zcash! Zcash did good, and i like privacy. decred, i like the simple clever code, the looking of the chart, like omg..
i'm in eos, stellar, neo, and eth, i don't want to miss the winner. Ven , i am not sure yet..
i might reenter in dash, if you think how google crushed netscape with hard marketing.
ICON , qtum, and qash are good projects too, but i don't own it yet. I might get sooner than later in ICON
i still have my btg too
i don't know what to think about LTC at this time.. i sold mine but..
+1 Phản hồi
@KTRAD, I agree that the ones held well are good.

I think EOS NEO and LTC held perhaps the best (among the ones I hold)
+1 Phản hồi
@DrJLT, also ETC
+1 Phản hồi
Think u missed neo in the last list doc. Presume in your cat 1. I think you'll bump back btg one day even though some force clearly doesn't want u to hodl it ;-) I'm gonna have a go at a controversial top 6 for this time next year:
1. ETH
2. LTC
3. BTC
4. XLM
5. BTG
6. XMR
+1 Phản hồi
qdoc qdoc
@qdoc, ok better complete it
7. NEO
8. BCH
10. GAS
Phản hồi
DrJLT qdoc
@qdoc, no need to buy gas. just hold neo.
Phản hồi
qdoc DrJLT
@DrJLT, ;-) ps u know I have okcash and xvp as dark horses
Phản hồi
qdoc qdoc
@qdoc, waves
Phản hồi
DrJLT qdoc
@qdoc, I checked waves. Appears interesting. They say there're 8k+ tokens issued on their platform. that's a lot of scams :D
Phản hồi
qdoc DrJLT
@DrJLT, well yes doc but everything's a scam really other than biblical currency ;-)
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