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Possible Inverse Head and Shoulders on ETHUSD?!

BITSTAMP:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Đô la Mỹ
A quick update. What's interesting about ETH right now is it's starting to lead the way in terms of upside movement. This is primarily due to ETH/BTC starting to really have some upside momentum. If you check out the chart we have broken this recent resistance levels and it appears we are going to march up on ETHBTC.

On the Day time frame we have
1. MACD crossing up, weak but still crossing.
2. RSI coming out of negative territory

On this 6 hour chart we have.
1. MACD moving into positive territroy
2. Possible Inverse Head and shoulders pattern?
3. Created a "higher high" with it hitting that $430 mark

I said it once before that if we move sideways it would most likely confirm a move to the upside. So, if we base out in this channel and move sideways a bit I would imagine we would get another push up. I am leaning bullish on this one, but on the flip side a break of the $360 area would be concerning and that is the area to watch if we are going to break down further.

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Happy Trading. Don't stress, pick your points and DON'T USE LEVERAGE.
Bình luận: We are moving sideways and having some upward momentum already, which is a good sign. Might be a little to soon to break the most recent highs, but we'll see what develops here.
Bình luận: ETH is definitely leading the way, some great upward movement, it looks like we should continue and break these recent highs.
Bình luận: I will be targetting this 500 area for an exit. Ideally, we want ETH at this 500 and BTC to be in the 7600-8k range for an exit. If BTC has not hit those highs, ETH might have some room to run if it's already at 500. We'll see how this plays out.

Don't be surprised if we get a pull back to 415-420 area at this juncture. We have already made a higher high which is a very bullish sign.
wow nice man
Phản hồi
I agree ETH has shown signs of a turn around. But BTC isn't bullish and may drag the rest of the market down with it if it drops even a little. If BTC was going up, I'd be happy investing in ETH. But you have to watch the lead dog (which can be a BiTCh at times) before placing any bets on the rest of the pack. :-)
Phản hồi
@BDG, I agree, but ETH is leading the charge right now. ETH/BTC flipped to be in favor of ETH. Before ETH was always a day late, now BTC will be. It appears just a matter of time before we get a short squeeze on BTC.
Phản hồi
There is still a big monster bear to show up his claws in the next few days in the cryptospace.... then we might be able to see the bulls show up in the pasture! The confidence will come back.... just not this week (in my opinion). I am looking forward to that :)
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Sherem alansoft
@alansoft, Yeah, hard to time these markets with precision right now
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