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We're going to see a big breakout to the 1K resistance level in the next day or two. Now is the time to buy in!
Bình luận: Some noise introduced that temporarily dipped below the support line, but the pattern is holding. Stay sharp.
MACD doesn't look good if it breaks down 0 line, ETH will go down
Phản hồi
I agree with your TA


we have to wait till 4am UTC Friday. If Binance was actually hacked then we are going to see a massive drop. If they actually do reopen trading we will see the breakout
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intgsull CryptoMagician34
@CryptoMagician34, I don't believe in the FUD surrounding the site's downtime, though naturally I'm a little concerned. I am confident however that Binance will be back up and running at approximately 4am UTC. As CZ said, we can see the Binance's hot wallet has not been compromised.
Phản hồi
@intgsull, I agree. I am more worried about the humans panic selling lol.
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@intgsull, Broken Support, My Stop Losses activated. I will buy back in if we break 850 but I think we are looking at a drop, What do you think?
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intgsull CryptoMagician34
@CryptoMagician34, I think you set your stops too high. A little early to tell but the best fit support line is still holding, pattern is continuing, just a little noise. I agree it is a little more uncertain now, looking at a potential drop. We'll know in the 8 hours.
Phản hồi
@intgsull, Ya possibibly, The price cant make up its mind what to do
Phản hồi
@intgsull, My stop Loss was at 788, I was just able to get back in at 785. Tweet from binance saying data recovery was succesfful. 1-2 hrs before they are back up. Hopefully this is enough, its been unpleasent.
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intgsull CryptoMagician34
@CryptoMagician34, Hey that’s not bad :)
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