Ethereum. P-Modeling Pt 3. Model A: Statistical Outlier #1

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This is Part 3 of Predictive Modeling for Ethereum . We started at Part 1: Find Model A. Then had Part 2, which explains some of the theory behind Model A and now we are on Part 3: Statistical Outlier #1.

Each Model created in the Modeling Sequence, creates a geometricc pattern of indicators in various forms. These indicators can be read to PREDICT future trend movement many days before traditional indicators appear.
The idea here is to convince you, that what i am doing is not arbitrary but unique and useful. I know the immediate inclination is to doubt what I am doing. That is expected.. and understandable.. But human nature is unpredictable. And you never know when you can learn new things and be completely shocked at someones EXTREMELY insane ideas.. I like going against the norm.. So join me please. :)

Understand the application of my modeling technique is not traditional by any means. It is theoretical in nature, and 100% experimentally designed and applied by me as we continue this insane experiment day after day.. It was not built for financial analysis, at all. I have literally 0 background in trading, TA's or anything to do with accounting or the stock market. It is being applied, through intuitive and creative means for fun so I could keep up with Bitcoin and Ethereum personally, and invest for myself.. I promise I will make many mistakes making these non-traditional TA's, or even incorrectly use traditional tools and indicators. That is the fun of it, to learn from scratch and apply another idea to a realm unknown to you. This realm is an unknown to me. A knowledge acquisition process. One i am quite enjoying..

My theoretical modeling technique called, 'geometricc linear regression modeling', is based off the neural networking algorithm I have been designing for my research in the realm outside this one. The foundation, rules and knowledge I use to make ALL my TA's, is based off of the human brain and its neural networking and of course clinical psychoanalysis. This is why my charts are fundamentally different and unique. I hope you enjoy them! This is a learning process for me as well.. I developed it from scratch, so everyday I am adding things, and figuring out new techniques. It has been very interesting to say the least at the accuracy I am achieving, and in less than a month. I expect my model algorithms to fail at some point. I need them too honestly. But they refuse to. So we wait.. and I will keep making these.. until we fail. failure = more growth. :) If you enjoy this shiz, go on and press that like button. Let me know!

SHIZ about Statistical Outlier #1:

I have two Outlier bounce boundary lines. I think we will no doubt touch the first line which is a modeled outlier zone. However, the second outlier is crucial we do not stay past it. If we stay past the 415 mark, we will have a Model sequence failure.. but we only have Model A so we would technically only have a model failure, but I really do not think this framework will fail just yet.. But I can always and have a good chance of being wrong.. But what if...?

Ask yourself what if...what if he is right? Probably not.. But what fucking if.. :)

As always, thanks for looking!
Bình luận: God damn these TA's are on point.. 0_o

Bình luận: closer view..

Bình luận: I still believe a drop/bounce looks very plausible for Statistical Outlier #1.

Statistical Outlier must re-enter Model A to stay True. (No doubt that it will).

This would give enough momentum to break some walls. Or of course we could get a nice out of nowhere whale to bring us up 200$ to 500$ but that scenario is less likely.

Lets see how it continues.

Bình luận: current status..

Bình luận: Geo-convergence located.. drop indicated..

Bình luận: so i discovered a Glenn Fan? like how perfectly it all matches up.


Bình luận: Ohhhhh baby today is going to be a show..

Bình luận: Goal established.. Re-entry needed into Model A.

We stayed within the outlier zone. We are still holding true.

Bình luận: MODEL B is rendering!

Connect made!
Statistical outlier #2 possible!

Bình luận: lmfao wrong CHART! HAHA that is bitcoins!

Bình luận: Here is what i have come up with using my model.. It is just a guess on my end..

Bình luận: It is so fucking beautiful...
Bình luận: Still on target.

Bình luận: Boom...
yes i like it. thank bro
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