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BITFINEX:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Đô la Mỹ
ETH runs DZ under frame D, has passed FR 61.8 and is heading to FR 78.6, where there is a lot of hard support on Bitfinex.

Wave area AB = CD is forming a clear, wave form (5) in the last drop of DZ.

If the area 380 USD enough wave (Run error wave), this is a beautiful target to buy

EP: 320 USD

Time: 28.7.2018
Bình luận: Hello,

Many of you inbox ask about long wave ETH, I would like to send you chart analysis ETH / BTC on the Bitfinex trading platform.

In the 1D timeframe, our view is that ETH is in the first downtrend of the medium-term downtrend, which will end with the support around 39-40.
In this cycle, ETH has a wave up, our target price is 91. If this price zone formed enough waves in the H4, we will lock here. The price is quite sensitive, over time the target ETH will return to the price range of 13 - 14, approximately equal the peak of the last wave of ETH
The second drop will occur after ETH completes the trend, which will extend and deepen, and ETH can lose up to 70% of its value. We will mark the area at 28, even if the price zone 10 is still within reach if correction is made

At a larger time frame with hyper cycles, ETH is correcting to the 10-28 zone and popping up with a very large rebound, possibly reaching the target range 410 - 610, we estimate in this wave area, ETH It is possible to reach $ 5000 to $ 8000

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