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Stages of the Ethereum Bubble

COINBASE:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Đô la Mỹ
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I think the current rise in ETHUSD price perfectly matches the Famous 'Stages of a bubble chart'
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Dropped further than I thought it would but now it is climbing back to the 'return to 'normal'' phase.
Bình luận:
Updated Graph, still think we are about to go down.
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This would make a lot more sense if Ethereum had any price movement independent of bifclin. Please go do this on Bitcoin’s chart and report back
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AndrewBradley AndrewBradley
@AndrewBradley, Bitcoin*
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What if this is only the media and enthusiasm phase... so much higher to go!!
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yep. 50-55 seems reasonable
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I agree the Ethereum graph does match the "stages of a bubble chart". However, I disagree with the timeline. I think it usually takes longer from "awareness phase" to "mania phase". There is no way Ethereum has went through that in less than a month. I think we are still at the awareness phase where a lot of people have just heard of Ethereum and are starting to invest into it as it's getting more media attention and publicity. This might be a slight correction on Ethereum price though.
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This would match better if the price had gone parabolic. We are nowhere close to being parabolic in the classic "hockey stick" example. When so many alt-coins are reaching $100 prices, you'd need to see 10x, 50x or 100x movements in just a few days to qualify them as being in boom-bust cycles. IMHO.
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