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ETH to 2k in next month!

BITSTAMP:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Đô la
I believe we might have a short term "correction" to ~1100 USD and then a nice ride up to the top.
Giao dịch bắt đầu: Target reached briefly! But I think this may even extend to the 1000 region or slightly below.
Bình luận: If price breaks out about the previous high of ~1370 then Eth could take off sooner than expected. Hold if you got in at 1100!
Would it be smart to invest $500 in ETH when it drops to around 1k? This would be my first ever crypto investment!
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TheGush Kolepope11
@Kolepope11, only if you want to 3-5x your investment this year. I have 30-35% of my portfolio in ETH. 2018 will be a great year for ETH. I absolutely believe that.
Phản hồi
brenguyrulez Kolepope11
@Kolepope11, I can't provide you with financial advice but I know I would buy $500 worth of Ether @ 1k without hesitation.
Phản hồi
brenguyrulez Kolepope11
@Kolepope11, Have you invested into eth? Now would be a pretty good time to buy in. Might go to 800/900 before it starts heading back up...
Phản hồi
On edge for that $1100 correction. Cashed out at $1300 and looking to buy back in.
+2 Phản hồi
brenguyrulez Matthew99w
@Matthew99w, Nice cash out! With the FUD coming from South Korea you may be able to get a great price.
+1 Phản hồi
Matthew99w brenguyrulez
@brenguyrulez, @brenguyrulez Here's to hoping!
Phản hồi
brenguyrulez Matthew99w
@Matthew99w, you could always hedge your bets and put in 50% back in now and 50% back in if/when it gets to 1100
Phản hồi
Matthew99w brenguyrulez
@brenguyrulez, Yeah, I've been considering that.
Phản hồi
TheGush Matthew99w
@Matthew99w, ditto. I sold at $1300 too. We just hit your 1100 for a second there.
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