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18k/ETH possible by Mid-April?

COINBASE:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Đô la Mỹ
To be honest, this looks like a serious hail-mary. But if we see a repeat oh what happened last year, we may just see it.

PLEASE BE WARNED...This would put the total market cap of 1.7T (over 7x the current bitcoin market cap)
Bình luận: Looks like we just finished the 3/1/2017 dip on the previous run up. Watch for a sharp upshot in the next 2 weeks. If we repeat last year, we would see a 3x increase from now (1000 -> 3000 USD)
Lol who will use Ethereum if the price goes to 18k? The price for gas will increase so much that it would not be worth it for applications to run on the Ethereum block chain. Obviously, 99 % of the people are about the money and nobody cares about the technology :(
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zebrains mmrvi8
@mmrvi8, you may want to go brush up how gas works in ethereum. Gas price, cost, and limit are determined by miners. If the price becomes too much...it can be adjusted accordingly as originally intended without the need for a fork of any kind.
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mmrvi8 zebrains
@zebrains, You can see on etherscan how the gas prices has increased last few months. https://etherscan.io/chart/gasprice
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mmrvi8 mmrvi8
@zebrains Obviously, I was not very well informed. There is a bug with Geth and Paritiy nodes. If transactions get stuck in pending transaction pool, these appear to artificially increasing the estimated gas price.

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@zebrains , i think you could be right here. i keep checking this page every few days and its following pretty much the same path as last year. Crazy.
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zebrains slungtrader
If it follows the exact same pattern, we should be in for a giant increase in the next week or two. With this week also aligned with year end bonuses being issued, we could see 2k USD in a very short time before things calm down for a bit.

:D Hope things keep on track for this target! It could be a very good year.
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Hi, do you think it is smart to enter this trade now or to wait for a correction first?
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zebrains Fiyi77
@Fiyi77, If we truly repeat what happened last year. There will not be a correction.

With all the work that is being completed right now to scale ETH and much of it right on the horizon. I could see a repeat of last year for sure if the cards all align.
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ETH market cap today is that of the whole Crypto market in like late July
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@tyzoo, yep. The hard part is that at some point we will hit a ceiling for this asset class. No one knows when it will be though. There are plenty of speculative reports claiming that the entire crypto market could be stable at between 10-16T. If ETH even takes 15% of that total we could see values like my prediction above.

In the end, I feel that 1.7T for ETH alone is not outlandish (but much more likely in a few years instead of a few months)
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