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A Nice, Fat Softball Coming at ya... You Swing or Watch?

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It doesn't get any prettier or more straightforward than this trade coming down the track. It's easy to think it's too perfect; looks too easy. The market doesn' serve up softballs like this... Does it? So you have to ask yourself, If I don't take this, what do I take? What; you prefer more complicated trades? With less clear cut entry and exit. Risk reward? Trader please... Start buying at the 38.2 and keep buying to the 50%. Stop is just below the Wave-1 pivot high. Two targets above. Get your limit orders in now... Swing!
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Thoughts on this now?
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tradedevil SecludedJ
@SecludedJ, Hi there; well... within E-wave guidelines, there are fewer possibilities now. I think most likely we've got an ending diagonal. If the low is taken out then we have the possibility of an irregular correction due to the 3-3 of the a-b waves but too soon to call that.

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Your 5 target is approximately the 1.68 ext of the last move down at 318 currently. Are the 364; 379; and 393 your targets?
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GMOMutation GMOMutation
@GMOMutation, 1.68 ext; the #5 yellow circle on the left chart.
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GMOMutation GMOMutation
@GMOMutation, Ugh I was looking at the 1, not the 1.68... which is 390. ... anyways I hate that there is no edit.
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