ETH/USDT -- Market cap may grow significantly

BITTREX:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / Tether
With the huge sell off of BTC             and major concern spreading about USDT, the market is understandably fearful about where to put money right now. I'm an admin of 5 private discussion groups, hosting members from all geographical areas worldwide, as well as many prominent investors/traders and blockchain community members. I have found the overall sentiment towards ETH to be extremely positive and I have reason to believe that large sums of money will begin to flow into ETH as a safe-haven holding with large growth potential.

NOTE: I am holding in Cryptopia, but TradingView only gives the option for Bittrex. So my own personal chart is slightly different (particularly on the sharp highs and lows) but otherwise are identical. Please keep that in mind if you notice my lines not being perfect.

Please share your thoughts about this!
And any constructive feedback you may have is welcomed.
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