4H Long, Short, Long, Short. Just putting it out there.

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After reading this you might think I am crazy, OR it's crazy enough to happen. I just want to show new traders what possibility's are out there when you can have so many different tools at your disposal.
Here is a possible Elliott wave , then into ABCD , into a Daily BAT. I will follow this and see what happens.

1. The Purple and Yellow are showing that there could be an Elliott wave . completing at PRZ.
looking left in the circles, there are S/R zones.
2. This point is the C point of the ABCD pattern in Red that is also .618 of the AB leg.The Blue line beside it from C-D is a Harmonic line of A-B.
And placing that, where the Elliott Wave finishes. The D point is the same of the Daily BAT pattern .

So many options. Follow your rules and pick your spots.
Let me know if I am Crazy. LOL.

Good luck.
Superb Ramos lets see how it plays out...
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oh hell no..
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MRamos suprijadisoemoredjo
You don't think it will happen? Supriyadisoemo. I don't think it will happen the way I put it out there. News can come out tomorrow and blow the hole thing right out of the water. I just wanted to show people that there is always an opportunity.
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