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Hi guys. This high volume stock has reached a very critical juncture in my humble opinion. For a company that actually makes something this is cheap. The world must be upside down these days. I'll post again soon.
"Great Post" -- and -- "Great Comments" -- "Thanks" To Everyone.
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@jeffreyjim, I meekly concur.
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Agreed, should be 5 to 7x higher, but the auto industry is all in a tough spot. they are pressured to make new and better things, but do it cheaper. That won't happen ever. so what you get is new and "better" crap for the most part. I am from the auto industry, and paint jobs to the quality of plastic is getting worse on every model released with all brands, german, british, american, japanese, korean, whatever. same issue.
I like the idea of ford products, but for some reason, they cant seem to get there issues sorted. Maybe time for a new CEO and other management changes.
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@4XRandalll, Thank you for the comments. This is what comes to mind when I think of the US manufacturing industry: Apart from that we see Japanese trucks with a sticker that says "Proud to be an American" and I think there's nothing wrong with that as long as the pride is sincere :)
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Poor management is what it is....pretty sad tho...remember this being a dollar and some change back in 08.
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IllusionsCatcher pioneerclist
@pioneerclist, I totally agree. Poor management at many levels.
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