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FB @ 15 min @ 118 should be defended (all bulls)

FX closed last week more or less around weekly high last week before.
Essentiel for all bulls is, at least, in my opinion, the 118 price area (based on 15 min chart), `cause around 118 the upside confirmed at start of last week - and even turned around back to above 120. Last weeks low (117.65) and the end of price channel start (116.95) could be good backup long entries also, next week, if FB comes under pressure. But from the techniacl point of view, nothing is speaking for a price pressure next week - even until 115.07 (last week before low). Why i am pretty slightly optimistic by FB prices above 118, for the next few days (around christmas & year end/start). 121.68 & 122.10 are the prices to beat at first and let left behind to get a constructive bullish upside trend, `cause 2 swallows don`t make a summer! Even two green weeks not a bullish trend :)

Take care
& analyzed it again
- it`s always your decission ...
(for a bigger picture zoom the chart)

This is only a analysis (for swing traders) - no recommendation !!!
Buying/Selling or even only watching is always your own responsibility ...

Best regards
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