FX @ daily @ 119.25 make or break line unti end of this year `16

119.25 is the make or break line, in my opinion @ until end of thuis year 2016

`Cause prices above 119.25 are completing and confirming the w-trend-reversal-wave - under the gap (last 25 trading days). Support lines under the make or break line by around 119.25 are 115.22 & 114.00 price are, which both are even manifesting the w-wave! Independently, if the make or break line more or less by 119.25 holds next week, much more importnat is that until the end of year traders don`t trade under 113.55. Because at prices above 113.55 (and 114 & much more 115.22) it should only be a quest of time when the traders are buying/selling this share above 119.25 and higher again ...

  • 122.10 is the 1st target for bulls
  • 122.98 is the 2nd target for bulls
  • 124.61 is the 3rd target for bulls

But recapturing the GAP of last month is the main scenario for bulls
  • 123.28 lower edge of the GAP
  • 126.28 upper edge of the GAP
`Cause if the bulls win back above 126.28 at least, it should only be a question of time when we trade FB share to new all-time highs - even 133.50 and higher ...

I am still neutral, `cause my last trade was squeezedOut.
Also i don`t have a good feeling, although i am liking what i am see!
How ever, if this week we`re trading above 119.25 maybe i`ll go long over next week :)

Take care
& analyzed it again
- it`s always your decission ...
(for a bigger picture zoom the chart)

Best regards
Dec 14
Bình luận: it seems like that trend reversal formation starts to confirm :P

Bình luận

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