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let's go factom!

POLONIEX:FCTBTC   Factom / Bitcoin
Fct wave 2 is over, and we seem to be breaking out. Wave 3 min target- 0.0072
THE most undervalued coin and company in the Crypto World in my personal opinion. Dozens of Fortune 100 & Fortune 500 client names & partnerships to be announced in the next 6 weeks as NDAs expire. I could go on and on about all of the positive things going for Factom & the Factom team (BTW: strongly anyone spending some time reading Paul Snow's "Almost Daily Updates" on the Factom Reddit too!).
This is one of the 2 handfuls of coins in all of Crypto that will truly change/revolutionize industries as we know them today (see examples in: mortgage/healthcare/banking/list goes on).
Been continuing to add to what is already my largest holding during these sub-$30 days ... Get in before we take off, folks!
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