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I beg you not to be scared...

FX:GBPUSD   Bảng Anh/ Đô la Mỹ
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Bình luận: 1.4450 is a very important place. Once we get there we have to be ready for anything. It is a confluence of WS1 and DS1.

If we pass it, then things are going to be really good.
If we don't then I'm probably going to buy some EURUSD. I'll let you know

Be patient and don't rush please
Bình luận: At 1.4450, it's every man for himself. So each of you has to decide how to proceed from there until my next post

Think hard and try to think what the people are thinking in the market before you decide what you will do

Good luck
Bình luận: By the way, the Brits are the toughest traders. they don't like to give anything away
Bình luận: I expect ti reach 1.43927 today. BUT BE VERY CAREFUL AT THE 1.4450

Good luck
Bình luận: Guys,

Trend traders are patient and brave.

I know that some of you are scared because you are not used to stay in the market for so long (scalpers). but look at the market. Evaluate it.

I see a very bearish market. We are trading far below the TS. Everything is saying "be a bear"
So always be realistic and evaluate what you see on the chart not what you think is happening. Just look at the chart and you will know exactly what is happening, you do not need to build ideas in your head about the intentions of other traders and the like.

Good luck
Bình luận: Also, you are in control of your stop. So that should make you feel a bit secure
Bình luận: I know that some of you still didn't listen. It's ok
Just build on the experience so that next time it will be easier for you.

Now going back to reality vs what is in your head. Look at the chart. Do you see one single close , just one, above TS? Do you see that beautiful KS drop? Why would you leave the trade early?

The market changes, it could change again now and start going bullish. That is ok, we'll be with it. But for now, we have to know what is real and what is not. What is real for now is that we are bears.

Good luck
Bình luận: OK

Here is what I just did
I got out and put a sell just under the low
Go for it if u want
Bình luận: I also have a sell at the KS
Bình luận: Logically, tomorrow is Thursday, Friday is NFP

So I am cancelling all my GBPUSD until further notice

Nice pips, See you soon
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did u finally sell yesterday 's low ? I did, SL @ 1.4530 TP 1.4395 Not a great Risk reward any advice ?
Phản hồi
Your target is too low
I sold from KS to DS1
Now I am out. Maybe you should be too

Good luck
Phản hồi
Opened long position at 1.4484 after that double bottom (to be confirmed yet) in h1.. stop is tight and tp is first fibo extension level.
Good luck to all.. keep on with your great posts..
Phản hồi
why would u go long???
Phản hồi
IAmAgainst Ichimoku_Trader
Because it broke the 1.45 resistance zone and now we could be in a pullback. I know it's too early, from a technical point of view we should be watching from outside rather than taking risks but I'm still working on being patient and a hunter.. not there yet.
Still, my short lasted a lot less than I expected but the profits where more than enough to cover the loss in case I get stopped out now.

Phản hồi
from my perspective, you are wrong even if you are right. But go for it

Good luck
Phản hồi
hikagemono Ichimoku_Trader
Just got out of my long position for a small 19 pip profit. I'm going to make another attempt today to go long. What does "you are wrong even if you are right" mean?
Phản hồi
It means you are wrong to train your brain to go against the trend even if you succeed and win this trade
Phản hồi
zetsumetsu Ichimoku_Trader
Okay. Thank you.
Phản hồi
IAmAgainst IAmAgainst
This damn think doesn't seem to make up it's mind so I'm moving my stop to break even just in case.. I'll add more if it breaks 1.458 or sell if breaks 1.4445.
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