BITCOIN Trading & Invesment - Comparing Apples & Oranges

BITCOIN             MARKETS Outperforms PSEI & PHP             in VALUE

Trading the Bitcoin             market is more focused as an alternating trade strategy as it carries a much higher degree of risk due to its volatility and susceptibility to its current market regulations. However it is well recognize now by  the Luxembourg financial regulator, the Luxembourg Financial Industry Supervisory Commission (known as CSSF)

Alternatives are available for sophisticated and accredited investors who may opt for a more stringent investment traded on the OTCQX; where we can find Bitcoin             Investment Trust. As some banks nowadays are welcoming the Blockchain Technology that is the backbone in trading the global transactions of the Bitcoin             market. As the Bitcoin             Investment Trust is a 10th of its single currency market price levels which can be an excellent investment tracking the market @110.70 has more room to further accelerate into the coming year 2017. Corrective price pullback would be limited into the daily session.

Trade with Caution! As Bitcoin             carries a Higher Degree of Risk. And the ability to find and properly choose an "Alternative Market Place & Asset Class' to trade and level-off the Playing Field in today's market conditions. Be smart & safe ...Learn the real intricacies of trading the financial markets by having the right guidance. and alternative plans in mind.
Bình luận: Price Update: GBTC @136.00; BTCUSD @1089.90 As of January 3, 2017
The opening levels for both instruments have gained on the first trading week of the New Year, as we have anticipated. Contrary to the pause we've seen so far with the USD. Position adjustments are currently being made which may spill over positive sentiments into the week before we see any serious session low.
Bình luận: BITCOIN prices had plunged on China's warnings that BITCOIN is a virtual good and does not carry any legal tender status. This was the statement made by the PBOC similar to its previous statement in 2013. These are the type of external forces that may still dominate the volatile market for Bitcoin. However, with a $246.94 price net change as of this writing, in spite of such decline the GBTC has a limited decline of $23 from its recent high which is quite tolerable to this point.

This is also where we have been hedging and subsequently protected its gain equivalent to the value of the US Index by its point value by way of its equivalent contract sizes in the futures market. Correlation is a valuable knowledge knowing how it works and how to arbitrary hedge value through proper trading strategies can always be a way to level the playing field from unexpected market conditions.
Bình luận: Effectiveness of Cross Trading DX Futures:
DX Futures have VALIDATED our Market & Price Call marking an arbitrary hedge for GBTC as indicated in the 103.40 short-selling Divergence while currently @100.42 from a low @100.30 basis point.

Info Link:

Cloud Chart
Bình luận: The effectiveness of cross trading with Futures is an advantage and a strategic move to anticipate ahead of the market especially when a short-selling Divergence occurred since Jan 06, 2017 Holding on course until such time a turn around is made and shows a probability of a rice recovery. Trailing and trend-following its direction has now been proven to be true.
Spot DXY & DX Futures broke below the 100 mark basis point that signaled a bearish front directly affected by positive data from inflation #'s, CPI rose 1.8% year-on-year beating market expectations of 1.5%.
Bình luận: In addition the BITCOIN market is now in the process of a recovery!
It pays to have 'PATIENCE' and besides half of the year is not too bad at all for the type of returns you'd get.
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