GlobalCurrencyReserve (GCR/BTC) - Buy opportunity for 700% gain!

BITTREX:GCRBTC   GlobalCurrencyReserve / Bitcoin
Hi all!

I want to thank a friend who PMed me to ask about this coin!
I took a look and sure enough, there is great potential!

This is a weekly chart. Each candle stick represents a week.
This idea is based on chart patterns and some indicators.

- Trading above EMA50 and MA50 on daily chart , we are in an UPTREND.
- RSI supports upward movement and has room for growth.
- MACD shows positive movement.

Entry: ~ up to 3000
Target: 14000!!!
**Note: this target is not based on fib. levels and is purely estimated from chart patterns.

Here is what I am going to do: Invest a small portion of my portfolio and leave it for 1~2 weeks. If it goes well, this will be an insane ride. For me, it is worth the risk!

Good luck to all!
And hopefully, this becomes a HUGE win!

Giao dịch bắt đầu
Giao dịch bắt đầu: We are comfortably in profit, feel free to lock in profit before target hits :)

Remember, I have all of your best interests at heart. I want you all to WIN!
And if you lock in profit, you NEVER lose!

Congratulations to those who followed! There will be more to come in the future!
Đóng lệnh: dừng lỗ: ABANDON 13XXX TARGET!

Bình luận: can re-open position if desired. i will not be trading this coin, though.
god dammit i was sleeping whilst this happened. Now what
Phản hồi
This might sound crazy but everyone should get in now.

Someone very knowledgeable about crypto pump and dumps said that the reason why not many people lose money in these pump and dumps is because there are 'bots' which get tricked and 'locked in' once the volume kicks in. And then when people dump the stock, the robots only react when they detect significant selling volume and then sell.
So it's an easy 500%~700% IMO and this opportunity only comes every 250 days.
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lantus91 lantus91
@lantus91, Btw if you guys want to know, the team I was talking to was Team Monster Whale Group, one of the best pump and dumping teams in Korea. There is a fee to join, so if you don't have many bitcoins, it might not be worth it. Most members there have 20+ bitcoins.
I will update you if their opinion changes.
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Nazgul_RW lantus91
@lantus91, I was wondering who is getting destroyed of these schemes. So the answer is people with bots?
Phản hồi
cbarkly PRO lantus91
@lantus91, looks like GCR is getting..... raped. the 2850 support broke and now 2700. 2500 incoming
Phản hồi
lantus91 lantus91
@lantus91, Update. They told me to get out at 6PM yesterday =/
Phản hồi
@lantus91, and now ? wtf this coin
Phản hồi
@lantus91, check out weekly charts compared to last pumps
Phản hồi
Unireal lantus91
@lantus91, Will they be getting back in?
Phản hồi
Unireal lantus91
@lantus91, Actually - do you have a link? I know someone who'd be interested
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