GCR is ready to breakout and has 3x potential

BITTREX:GCRBTC   GlobalCurrencyReserve / Bitcoin

one of my friends justed this coin. I took a look, It is getting for a good trade.

Technicals :

Points to note :

1) Good trendline setup, the price is on the trendline .
2) RSI moving up.
3) Not far away from the low, so huge growth potential.

Entry: Now (1750), buy on dips till 1250 or above breakout (2050)

Targets :


Stop loss :


Fundamentals :

Yet to read, well currently most of the coins go on technicals. I would recommend to read and share if any interesting news.

Add on dips or average when it goes down called as Grid strategy.
Book profits (50-60%) on 100% return and leave the remaining for growth.

Bình luận: Break out done and moving.
Bình luận: The price broke the resistance and testing the support.

We are well above our entry.

Exit 50% on 50% profit and leave the remaining.

But I will not update this thread anymore.

As per my strategy, I am going to strict top 100 coins.
Bình luận: We have hit 100% at 3500, hope you have booked your profits and left the remaining.
Bình luận: I see triangle patter.

Bình luận: We are back to our buy zone, all the gains lost.
now would be a good idea to enter.?
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@TinhoOo, Yes. We are not far away from our entry. 20% more risk for you. If you can take the risk, yes please.
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TinhoOo maheswar81

Okay, thanks for the quick reply.


Happy New Year
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Hi, do you have time frame for it goona hit the target?
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maheswar81 PRO parisian788
@parisian788, I dnot have. The volume is yet to pick up, so cannot confirm.
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thanks so much
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