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This is what I expect this year is about to happen. A double top in the DAX , what will correlates at that time with a blow off top in the S&P Dow and Nasdaq.

As a bear, I am waiting a long time now for such a thing as a blow off top. It looks that such top finally is developing now.

From 08 till now all pullbacks are being bought, in my guess that will not be the case next time we will pull back. With a result that margin calls will start to kick in and further panic emerges.

Also a lot going on on geo political front, then we have a lot of elections in Europe this year. Lot's of crap happening these day's all over the world. And it doesnt matter untill it matters is the saying......right?

It's not easy to predict the markets, but that is what I try do do for more then 20 years now, I am still arround so I must do something right. :-)

Not 100% sure though that this will happen, if it happens I have my plan ready, if not I switch to plan B

You can call me crazy or whatever els you like, I realy don't care, I hope everyone makes a ton of money no matter how.

Good luck all.

Ps, sorry for my poor English, but I guess it's good enough to get my point......
Bình luận: Disappointed in the DAX so far this year, not joining the US party at all...While the US indices are building what finally looks like a blow-off top right now.

Not sure the DAX will hit it's all time high be continued

I have my bear suit ready.....still fits I tried
Bình luận: Finally the DAX seems to wake up. After a very small pull back (if we get one at all) we may see the ATH level very fast.

Tonight I decided to close all remaining long positions. After such a tremendous run i'm not willing to take any more risk then necessary.

As stated in other post, I am expecting the end of the bull market OR otherwise at least a very very serious correction.

I am trading for over 20 years and I have seen en heard it all before. I already feel sorry for those who never experienced a bear market.

Make sure you are prepared! Or stay away if this is going to happen..........
Bình luận: Forget to mention I am going to build LEAPs puts. They are very cheap now....
Opinon is wothless as a trader !!!
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PSVert ZoranDeike
@ZoranDeike, huh?
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PSVert ZoranDeike
@ZoranDeike, Buy LEAPs puts if it's going to happen and get rich....but you can alsa try to trade and get bakrupt...What you want man....I don't give a fck
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PSVert PSVert
@PSVert, Typo's sorry dude
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PSVert ZoranDeike
@ZoranDeike, You want to trade or you want to make money? Or just trolling around?
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"I already feel sorry for those who never experienced a bear market. " :) ....
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