Interesting Constellation: DoubleTop&Bearish wedge vs. Breakout

FX:GER30   Chỉ số DAX
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Interesting playground for shorties: Fixing the present Level has a very nice Chance-risk-Ratio with a stopp near above todays top (for example 10.700)
The Patient cyclical Trader would prefer the BO.
The longterm buying-Trigger is still 10.800!

Bình luận: wedge triggered
Bình luận: ok ok - understood!
Bình luận: In the hourly Chart NOTHING happened! A nice buying-candle appears!
Bình luận: Have we seen a false breakout / beartrap?
Bình luận: buying candle! oh yes!
Bình luận: No more danger of the wedge, no more danger of the possible double top! now 10.800 can be aimed!
Bình luận: oh an ugly selling candle????
Bình luận:
Bình luận: and here is the BO!
Bình luận: Time to short it (scalp)?
Bình luận:
Bình luận: next flag ?
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận: ?
Bình luận: wedge triggered..
Bình luận: ~ 10.800 is still THE LEVEl TO WATCH for further Longs
Hi Morning Mary,

Trump win the US presidential.
Dax now drop 4% .
can buy now ? Lower ?
Phản hồi
Hi Mary .
The Dax over sold ?

Hillary Clinton win , All market Fly up , Dax will back to 10600

But during US election market volatility.
Phản hồi
Good Morning Mary,

Today DAX look wake , alot shortlist , from lst week 10800 ++ drop to 10717 YESTERDAY , Today again open market short again to 10578.

technical look wake but strong , but now still can support 10640 , Bear and bull still Fighting

But today id Friday may close lower
Phản hồi
Hi Mary ,
Today Deutsche Bank Posts Surprise Profit on Trading Jump, Cost Drop
Net income was 256 million euros ($279 million) compared with a 6.01 billion-euro loss a year earlier, Deutsche Bank said in a statement from Frankfurt on Thursday. Fourteen analysts surveyed by Bloomberg News forecast a loss of 394 million euros on average. Trading revenue rose 10 percent, driven by debt and currencies, the lender’s biggest source of income, also beating estimates.
Cryan, 55, has struggled to stem a slide in shares and maintain client confidence after the U.S. Department of Justice’s requested $14 billion to settle a probe into faulty securities. Some investors have called for deeper cost cuts amid concern that the lender will have to raise capital even after eliminating thousands of jobs as part of an overhaul announced last year.

But still alot waiting to short at higher above 10750
Phản hồi
Hi Mary ,
Alot people wait to short Dax

Higher for Today may be 10830 -10855
Phản hồi
Hi Mary
Today they are report support DAX to go higher 10830 ,
But current is over bought ,correction is needed
short 10780-10750

German Business Expectations (Oct) Actual: 106.1 Forecast: 104.5
German Current Assessment (Oct) 115.0 Actual: 114.9 Forecast: 114.7
German Ifo Business Climate Index (Oct) Actual: 110.5 Forecast: 109.5
Phản hồi
thx for the infos
Phản hồi
Hi Mary,

Today they are three report show better then Forecast, DAX got support breakout or Time to short. nut tonight wall street open gap up
Dax will follow 10850 , before correction back to 10780 ?

1.) German Composite PMI (Oct) Actual: 55.1 Forecast: 53.3
2.)German Manufacturing PMI (Oct) Actual: 55.1 Forecast:54.3
3.)German Services PMI (Oct) Actual: 54.1 Forecast:51.5
Phản hồi
Hi Mary ,

Today Dax look wake the correction is need 10680 , befor can Fly higher 10750
May be due to Friday week end ahead
Phản hồi
Good Morning Mary,

Today is Friday . DAX breaking 10740 and stay above 10700 , open Market may Pullback to 10650 -then if can brake out 10750 ... Next week we can see 10800
But a lots of shortlist will come in .
but due to company report Q3 time will not drop below 10600

DAX Look wake ... but strong >>>>>>....10800
Phản hồi
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