Can this game seller make a comeback?

This company is still holding on to its market share as a competitive market with the downloadable games vs. the cd sales of that video game. The earnings report from August was not very good as expected. I hate to make this right prediction but, gamers are going to digital content from the retailer like Gamestop or Best Buy $BBY or Target $TGT neither Wal-Mart $WMT. Far as the gaming department of those stores. Let's talk about charts action on Game Stop $GME. Inside Month but, on the daily chart , there is much room that this stock can create an excellent move. Far as earnings go, I am not to worry about it.
Bình luận: pigs get Slaughter again
People will always love collectibles which is a big part of their earnings. In regards to used gaming devices, its the number one place to go to receive cash in hand. I think they need diversification and then they will be ok. They have made an incline since the earnings drop so its not that bad.
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