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Big breakouts, Huge patterns, Great opportunity. GNT charts !

POLONIEX:GNTBTC   Golem / Bitcoin

New market cycles just begin.
Don't let those corrections make You wrong.

There is huge possibility that We enter bull market in alts again.
IMO the price could retrace a bit to broken resistance, so
1. Entry : 3920 - 4000 sat
2. Stop loss : under 4000 sat
3. Take profit : 11300 sat (near 300% earnings )

Falling wedge pattern says 11.300 target, but we will track it day by day.

GNT is a safe investment - this supercomputer cannot be DDOS'ed, 300 bilion market cap and very low price.
Buy while cheap.

Bình luận: Here is 1hr time frame look on the price. Even if We slip on 3900-4000 sat area that's fine, good deal.

Bình luận: Price is coiling in our desired area

Bình luận: As We filled up some orders near 4k sat, We chill out and drink beer.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động:
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Red line will resist the price a little.

Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Pure bullmarket

Bình luận: HOLD or stop loss. Still it is good trade,even if You are sitting on a 20% loss. I would not advice You to sell now.
Bình luận: major sell off could indicate reversal

Bình luận: + Anchor on support

Bình luận: back on track. Lets check if 4k sat level is able to hold.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: 30 min time frame chart.
Doji with decent volume.
Short term bullish signal.
Bình luận: Is there more room for growth?
Bình luận: Long term breakout
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: New entry update based on EMA 12 on 1D time frame.
Đóng lệnh: dừng lỗ: Holding alts is risky due to whole crypto collapse
@pinfkloyd, What do you think about GNT/BTC now? Thank you.
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pinfkloyd AlexVerkhov
@AlexVerkhov, Hi ! I see there nice floor formed at 2500 sat. but no sign of strenght there. Still You need to be prepared for BTC dropping that could devaluate most of alt coins. If You play BTC long term, buying GNT could be good choice for short term - We can see it bottoming deeply. I would not expect strong uptrend, but single shot with ~20% profit with very tight stop loss would be highly possible in coming couple of days.
Phản hồi
Was promising but now back dropping hard. Hope to see end in sight!
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pinfkloyd Arneverboom
As I said, returning to support is possible. You also should had stop loss to prevent succesful trade. I was afk for a few days and I couldn't warn You before that.
You're right this was really promising, but this is markets nature. We are looking for another entry level, all for all We changed trend since breaking through.
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pinfkloyd jeongyun_lim
don't miss cheap coins
Phản hồi
What if they keep going sideways?
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pinfkloyd AltugOzturk
Buy some coins. Not all in. Track the price by putting stop loss described above. Be patient and don't expect 1 green candle to 11.300 sat.
As I wrote, They could anchor on support once again, be ready for that.
Tighten stop loss as long as You are on win trade. I will update this idea quite often. In case of major changes You will receive decent signal.
If the price breaks down below support, this idea should be cancelled.
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