Gold Bearish Pattern Completion & a Pending Cypher

Price has completed a bearish gartley pattern with a ton of potential. In case it works out well a nice level to aim as profit targets is the 1170 level where we should have the completion of a bullish cypher pattern. I don't recommend to trade this gartley placing stoploss above X point as the risk involded will be a massive one. The best option to get this move is to switch to the lower timeframes and keep an eye for bearish setups based on your strategy. Till 1170 you may find plenty of opportunities.

I will personally update this post any time I have a bearish setup based on median line analysis. In case you wish to update like and follow to be updated every time I post a setup in this post. Good luck..!
Don't worry about trading, Trump has told you the dollar is gone, Mario has told you today the Euro is gone, all currencies are being systematically destroyed, we cannot stop QE, we have nowhere to go. Get ready for a 9 nine upwards run in bullion. Jim Rickards knows central bank currency destroyers will hit his target, then put political instability, Italian banks on top. Why trade when you can stack.

The only thing I would say is when sentiment gets extremely bullish on bulletin boards that likely means a short-term reverse is coming but the long-term gold is going one way and it isn't down.

Opinions are my own, not investment advice, blahblahblah
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Jim Rickards: War with North Korea Will Cause Gold to Hit $10,000 an Ounce
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longtrade BLUETROMOS
@BLUETROMOS, $10,000 you say? but when?
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