Grid coin on 4x huge potential

POLONIEX:GRCBTC   Gridcoin Research / Bitcoin
Hello Friends,

One more coin for the investment.


All time low is at 400+,

I am looking at couple of things,

1) We are still close to the bottom, so nothing to lose.
2) Price is showing good strength, bullish . It brokeout couple of big resistances.

So one can buy now (835) and add on dips.

Targets :

I will update it.

Stop loss :

Below 400, well bit bigger one, but good for safety.

Happy Christmas and Advance New year Wishes everyone.

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Your support and appreciation are appreciated.

Your gifts/tips/donations would help me to gain the confidence and boost my morale.

Bình luận: Bigger picture :

Bình luận: Our timing was bad, BTC price increase pushed all the altcoins down. Please hold and relax.
Bình luận: 635 holding well, a decent bounce from that level. Hold for more.

Feel free to exit if you dnot like the coin.
Bình luận: Targets :

1000 - Target achieved.
1215 - Next Target.
Bình luận: Our resistance zone of 850 was broken and price is moving.

I am personally holding this coin. It is upto you to hold this coin.

As per my strategy, I will stick to top 100 coins (even lesser). So I will not update about this thread anymore.

I apologize for this move, but this strategy is good for long-term and for my followers as well.
Bình luận: 1000 - Target achieved.
1215 - Target Achieved.

Watch the price, it is being resisted at the triangle pattern. the breakout above that, the price would fly.
Bình luận: All the gains lost, back to the support.

It has to break 1250 for next rally.

Good news is RSI is oversold on 4hrs and half way in 1 Day, so it can bounce back.
I'd like you to go deeper on your idea of trading only top 100 coins. Aren't the alts still good for some mid term speculation? buy at the bottom and sell at 2x 3x is usually a winner here. I can imagine you are scared by the volatility of btc and its impact on the smaller coins.
You look like a great trader so I'd be glad to be influenced by your point of view.
Phản hồi
@perfido, Thanks for asking the question. Let me tell you a story, in holiday times, Hot restaurants would get filled first, then people would go to an average restaurant and then to below average restaurants to fill the stomach.

This is what it is going on. When the bull run is over, no one would touch those coins which are like 50M MCap or 100M cap. We might have stuck at the high. Just notice all John Mcaffee calls are pump and dump, who got stuck on the top. Traders like us. Why? Fear of missing the trade.

RDD is an example, it was pumped from 80 to 175, it is almost 10 days now it is not even crossing 90+. Not sure, would it every go to 175 levels and bail out those who bought at that price.

Stay safe. you can earn 2x - 3x on top coins. XRP, ADA gave those.
Phản hồi
perfido maheswar81
@maheswar81, your reply is much appreciated. I respect your choice and I see your point of view. personally I think I'll continue trading on those coins. But I'll also follow your advice and maybe let the market settle a bit. I am easily scaried, for example on RDD I did not enter at 40 because it was called by big names here, and I was scaried it could be dumped soon.
But your calls were great I see, you sometimes called on lesser coins that nobody else noticed and they were a great success. So I hope you will make some exceptions in the future.
Best regards.
Phản hồi
@perfido, Just watch out the VIP culture. Calls are given to members first and then announced to everyone else, means Members would have bought the coins already and now you will buy on top of it.

They would know where to exit and you may get stuck at higher rates.

Phản hồi
that is at bittrex or poloniex
Phản hồi

I would check here : , Ctrl +F can give search option. Then search for the coin.

I would ignore such questions in future.
Phản hồi
fabyan778 maheswar81
@maheswar81, thaks mr.. sorry i'm newbe.. i ask that because that gool at poloniex hehehehhe
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