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GS @ 15 min @ just a little bit - daily (3 GAP`s left behind)

Basic horicontal lines ( support/resistance ) are:
  • 242.42 high of last week
    235.54 low of this week
opening price & low of last week

GS opend this week around last weeks highs and created weekly lows around basic upside, before breaked out slightly today. Noticable, at in my opinion, are the facts, that GS created 3 GAP`s. 3 Upside GAP´s are suggesting me, that many traders are scared not be long also. Usually GAP`s got the property to be closed - in a superior upside trend. And that`s the reason why i adon`t wanna ignore all 3. I am relative surely that the market will let all 3 left behind, while next week at least. But market pressure like yesterday is always possible - even if the fundamentals are suggesting still higher prices. How ever, use the GAP`s still as an entry, guys :) i bought today some CFD`s at 241.50 :agree:
  • 241.62 & 240.27 3rd GAP (before todays outbreak)
  • 238.20 & 237.50 2nd GAP (after fals breakout while monday)
  • 236.72 & 235.54 1st GAP (thursday opening, last week

price targets (based on development last days) could be
  • 243,22 last alltime high & 3rd GAP
  • 246,64 last alltime high & 2nd GAP
  • 248,12 last alltime high & 1st GAP

superordinate prices targets (on higher time frames) are still
  • 249,30 last week alltime high & low of this week
  • 250,70 all time high from october`07
  • 259,11 last weeks high & low difference

JPM for example breakedout for a long minutes, hours, days.
From tis point of view, don`t get panic if the price raises too much at once.
Of course, it`s all relative - not only compared to other bank or financial shares!
But in historical context - even before so called financial crises `07 - the numbers we`re not better as the political (trump, reds, fiscal policy) or even financial market environment (low rates - cycles is slightly starting) :)

Take care
& analyzed it again
- it`s always your decission ...
(for a bigger picture zoom the chart)

This is only a analysis (for swing traders) - no recommendation !!!
Buying/Selling or even only watching is always your own responsibility ...

Best regards
Good points
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