Cannabis-Market Crash ahead or is this the bottom?

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The Cannabis market is trading at its Pivot Support Level . The analyzed timeframe is strict bearish .
Trading below the lows could initiate a sharp selloff.
buying the actual Level with a stopp near below the lows could be an intteresting idea for my anticyclical risk Lovers
for me the Logical trade would be: trying to catch the breakout --> stoppsell below the lows with a stop near above the entry Level.
the RSI says that the likelihood for an upmove is higher at present
Bình luận: High :-)
Bình luận: n1 but watch the rsi it time for a break soon?
Bình luận: a trader`s dream
Bình luận: is it time for the next buying wave? we reached the nect make or break level
Bình luận: here we see the next breakout!
Bình luận:
Bình luận: yihaaaa
Bình luận: bombed away the ath
Bình luận:
Thanks for sharing... you are the best! If possible, would you please share your thoughts on INSY and CANN? Thanks
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