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long term trade for ICN

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Great coin
Great levels right now (Undervalued)
Great potential for 2018

Target 50-60 USD in the next 5-6 months. This is a safe play for long term traders.

- Short term targets -

1 - 319
2 - 463
3 - 572
4 - 818
5 - 1800

SL @ 160

Bình luận: Below is a zoom in of my idea posted earlier.
The 195 level was a very good level to buy in... Let's see how far this can go up now.

Bình luận: Target 1 reached. It's moving higher. Right on target so far:
Bình luận: with global market correction (future contracts and Wall Street manipulating this), this trade has suffered like many other trades out there.

I'm still holding this and we could validate a strong support where this coin is ready to bounce off.

The initial future contracts expire Jan 26 and I expect a big bounce back from the general market. Mainly with strong buy from whales.
Any update on this?
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guillaumeldc gregor.janc99
@gregor.janc99, Sorry for the lack of update. The general market is correcting right now and everybody is panicking. Only a few cryptos are up. Trend will resume when the market will end the correction. we have to watch the 189 level now and if it break my SL will trigger. I might revisite the trade and the SL depending on the market sentiment.
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gregor.janc99 guillaumeldc
@guillaumeldc, Thanks.
Phản hồi
gregor.janc99 guillaumeldc
@guillaumeldc, Are you still holding?
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guillaumeldc gregor.janc99
@gregor.janc99, yes I'm still holding and I have a stop loss at 160. this might continue to go down will general bearish crypto market. BTC might drop another 20% so we can expect the same with ICN.
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gregor.janc99 guillaumeldc
@guillaumeldc, Thanks again.
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Yes! Go Iconomi!
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