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ICNBTC - Undervalued Crypto Index Fund (+1300%)

A crypto fund with "digital arrays" or indexed coins with different risk profiles that's actively been traded.


-MACD bullish reversal
-Kumo breach
-MMAR reversal
-Bullish trendline


- Trading only 2x book value (Under 3x is cheap)
- Digital arrays contain quality coins
- Quarterly coin burn feature to be introduced that enables ICN token holders to participate indirectly in dividend distribution (20% of profits are used to buyback tokens, 80% is reinvested)
- Only coin to be planning a Big 4 audit
- Gateway token to help new investors with instant diversification in cryptos (think ETFs)
- Affiliate marketing to start 2018
Summary: BNB Binance style utility token + affiliate marketing + Index fund to crypto + strong returns = WIN!


Hold up to 6 months, for up to 1300%.

Will update with key resistances and key target projections soon.
Bình luận: Look at bottom pennant channel for entry

Bình luận: If price breaks down, consider dollar cost averaging and buy in at support line.

Trade void if support line broken (give or take some)

I recommend looking for a great entry and just buy & forget
any updates on this?
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Please take a look for more info what is Iconomi and what is the book value (0.9).

ICN - The ICONOMI Digital Assets Management Platform is a new and unique technical service that allows anyone from beginners to blockchain experts to invest in and manage digital assets.
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@nilgob, Ah, I was comparing book value to market cap but this makes more sense! Looking even more undervalued
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@nilgob, Woah, their book value is 400m+?!
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Looking good. Help up the trend line nicely on the btc run
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Johnsonysu Boere_Moon
@Boere_Moon, shows strength
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Starts to look good! ;)
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@jidou, indeed!
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