for the excavo icxbtc followers

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some of excavo's follower were asking me why it was suicidal to buy at the time he made the call here is why. People learn better when they see a picture
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: and in case new crypto people don't realize the whole tether thing is 6 december 17 news so no need to panic USA has no authority there. I see it as an attack on crypto organized by the US.
I agree buying at the top would be a mistake. Waiting for the dip is always better. That said, it might be a good time to enter a position now...assuming Bitcoin doesn't drop any further. If Bitcoin does continue it's decent, all TA is invalid.
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DaDude workin2005
@workin2005, that's not true. You wait till you get validation of a breakout or not and then you act. That is still TA no?
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@DaDude, ICON had a major breakout when it broke the 8,350 satoshi resistance last night. TA projected a bull run to 10,000-11,000 satoshi. That's clearly been disrupted now due uncertainty in the market brought on by the possible Tether scandal. So call it a mix of TA and fundamentals. Either way...the original TA on ICON most people had last night is not holding true this morning. Alt coins don't follow predictable patterns when BTC tanks. BTC isn't following any predictable pattern at the moment due to market uncertainty...I believed caused by fear of a Tether scandal. Once BTC stabilizes, normal TA will again be possible...and we can hopefully predict with more accuracy.
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DaDude workin2005
@workin2005, indeed it was noticable on ETH vs BTC that after the Tether news it was slacking. And when BTC then hoovers around a support line my cup o coffee was right next to me ;-)
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so to be brief don't go in blindly if you want a good POSITION
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