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Maybe C of B or 1 of C either way im out

We might see a little push up however i dont see it likely Its short time. Unless your longterm holding. I see btc breaking so Icons price will only move up with it going down or staying relatively the same. I dont for see a huge drop however looking at it as a 1-2 move in wave C we could go lower than target and hit the 1 for 1 on C wave again
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HAHA yeah i have to agree with the others who disagree, ICX has plenty of long term investors for the price to move below a certain price, strong bottom is being formed right now
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savenido sjBalla55
@sjBalla55, Ok cool. Like ive stated this was a request. I have no money in this nor did I spend more than 5 minutes on this. 5 waves down. with a 1-2 is another count..... Which we are at the 786 now for that count.... any lower devalidates impulse...... So we will see who is right shortly.... People that have no added ideas are the peanut gallery. Ill post an alternate count for you guys lol
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I don't agree, RSI is low, bullish Pennant closing and MACD looks ready to go up. I'm holding! But, nevertheless setting a stop loss when it would break down. Could go both ways.
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savenido DriesNijs
@DriesNijs, I still said a c wave up is likely but i dont play down trends. Good luck
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savenido savenido
@savenido, with btc finishing up if your a longterm holder you must calculate the potential differences
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savenido DriesNijs
@DriesNijs, A lot of hype behind this coin. It would be easy to assume more upward movement. But ICON recently hit all time highs and is due for a full correction
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jmichaud83 savenido
@savenido, all time high was over $10. You have no idea what your talking about
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savenido jmichaud83
@jmichaud83, Ok cool. Ill be watching to see if Im wrong..... Most traders are. The ones with multiple counts do well. I didnt spend much time on this. It was a request.
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