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INCENT (INCNT) - Long: 650% potential

BITTREX:INCNTBTC   Incent / Bitcoin
Hi everyone,
I believe Incent (INCNT) might be setting up for a rocket-run. The market cap has rapidly increased over the past few days, but its still relatively very low. The current total supply is 46,016,602 INCNT, with a market cap of $34.534.263 USD. So there is a lot of room left to grow.

INCNT has broken out of a support-range which held strong for about 120 days. The price has now broken this major resistance and found support above the last resistance. Which is also the 200-EMA. Price has also pushed through the Bigass descending trendline . I think prices are accumulating right now, preparing the launch to planet God.

I think the first wave up is done and the market is in the second corrective wave, preparing for a big impulsive move to the upside. The RSI is a bit overbought, but I don’t think it even matters.

The team is releasing a beta (or whatever it is) of their product on the 26th of January, it might trigger some Australians to invest some kangaroos and crocodiles in this project, resulting in some $$ flowing in.

‘We have taken the decision to target 26 Jan 18 (Australia Day) for the launch of our first pilot product which will be a Chrome extension that when active, rewards Australian consumers with Incent.’

You only buy when there is a H4-close above the green trendline:

1) 0.00022860 satoshi (1.618-extension)
2) 0.00036415 satoshi (2.618-extension)

Watch out for a break below the 200-EMA.

Ps. Patience is key.

Bình luận: Broke the 1$-barrier:
Bình luận: INCENT is setting up a nice triangle. I can see something like this happening:
Bình luận: Order book is loading up, volume is rising: we might have a breakout here.

Bình luận: Came back and retested last highs on the USD-chart:
Bình luận: Last resistance i mean.
everything is in a downward spiral because of the bullshit with south korea. Really pisses me off.
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artm92a cksagherian
@cksagherian, Everything has basicaly set up perfectly to blast up. Just hold on to it, dont sell. It will go up, at some point.
Phản hồi
@artm92a, Thanks man i'm considering moving a few more VTC over to INCENT? If It does go up I think the earning potential might be better with INCENT the way it's setup now? Whats your take?
Phản hồi
artm92a cksagherian
@cksagherian, If you haven't lost to much yet on VTC, then yes. Otherwise, just 'hodl'! :)
Phản hồi
@artm92a, At the moment i'm sitting at even with VTC, maybe a slight gain. Some of the charts for INCENT show it's possible to go to as high as 25$? Do you see this happening within a year or so?
Phản hồi
Hey man are we still on target. The price action is looking pretty good.
Phản hồi
artm92a cksagherian
@cksagherian, Yes, give it some time; it needs to find support above the 1$-range before it can moves up
Phản hồi
I got my bags and I'm ready to ride. Whats a good conservative spot to take profits on this run?
Phản hồi
artm92a cksagherian
@cksagherian, Im holding it until 0.00031180 sats
Phản hồi
@artm92a, Thanks man! I'll be watching it closely for the next day or two! This is exciting!
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