IOST price discovery gaps.

BINANCE:IOSTBTC   IOStoken / Bitcoin
IOST has gaps in price discovery from about 780 to 700, and from about 609 to the current price.

IOST is currently a fairly high volume coin, it has several contacts on the support at 780, with sizable bounces off of it, before bleeding out and breaking below this support.

it is a slower drop, so it is not as likely to retest this support, but a similar pattern happened with BCG a few days ago, where it bled about 60% under a strong support, before violently correcting to the support level .

i am buying, i plan to sell some at about 609, and save the rest to either break even on, or to sell at about 720-770 for a larger profit.
Bình luận: Looking good so far, break out towards 600, lets see what happens
Bình luận: it has prettymuch just hit my first target now.
hi. Where do you see gaps ?
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@franck34, they are on the chart...
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franck34 PRO angry_bitcoin
@angry_bitcoin, this is not gaps. Gaps are hole between prices. I don't see any holes.
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@franck34 did you read..? these are gaps without significant price discovery below a strong support.
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franck34 PRO angry_bitcoin
@angry_bitcoin, so there are NOT gaps
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@franck34, Read the title, it literally says "price discovery gaps" of which there are... i dont know what you call a gap.
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franck34 PRO angry_bitcoin
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@franck34, missing latest ")" when clicking on the link, just add it in your browser.
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@franck34, i am not arguing with you any more, i did not say "gap (chart pattern)", i said price discovery gaps. gap is a word in english to describe a void, or a break in continuity.
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franck34 PRO angry_bitcoin
@angry_bitcoin, gap is a particular word in trading and as nothing to do here. Cheers
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