40% IOTA Increase and Mapped Pennant

Been watching IOTA make the large pennant shown above for a while and it seems like it is heading towards the top of the triangle to push upward. It is supported by the ichimoku cloud as bullish (It is not on the chart because it got too chaotic to display). The RSI is curving up to indicate a coming suggested buy-in and all that's left is to either wait until it crosses the top trendline or buy in now if you are confident in IOTA. The fib retracement is listed and each horizontal line moving up from the breakout point is a place to watch for the uptrend to bounce/ oscillate around to make informed selling decisions. I've added the "14days" mark for an expected peak or dip to occur at that vertical fib-line; a peak is more likely.

Remember there is no gaurentees that it will go up, therefore, if you tune in at the right times you will be able to make an informed decision to whether the uptrend reflects back into the triangle or breaks out. If this reflection occurs then you must wait until it touches the base of the triangle and then reflects back to the top. If you hodl through the whole thing you risk falling through the bottom of the triangle and taking losses on the reflected down trend. With all this information and applying it accordingly there should be very little to no chance of taking a loss.

Informed trading and approaching the situation with a plan creates no opportunity for losses.

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Bình luận: IOTA poked through the bottom, not good for IOTA
Bình luận: Forming a larger pennant. If the price breaks above around 0.00022 it could be a candidate for a run, looks bullish right now
I think when the market crashes or better yet when bitcoin is not in a stable to upward trend these breakouts tend not to follow suit. I have seen this all too often now on other similar charts.
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The IOTETH pair is even more tempting I would say. Switch now from ETH to IOTA or wait?
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any updates on this Thomas ?
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@getslower, You can also place a larger pennant on what it is forming now, a longer triangle forming with the break-out zone being around 0.00022
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balocik PRO thomas58700
@thomas58700, Yeah, and if that pattern fail You can place even LARRRGERRR PENNNNANTTT. And finally one day bearish turn bullish and people will get that 40% increase. Have a good day.
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Update please
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@Koenemans, not looking good since it dropped through the bottom trend, I've only ever bought into iota once
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hi tomas how are you?
what do you thing about cloud coin?
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@mobram, I'm not too familiar with it
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mobram thomas58700
@thomas58700, ok not problem
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