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IOTA about to shock us all again? (2x Potential)

Chart is self explanatory - comment with thoughts or questions you guys have

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Bình luận: Example of how to enter this trade when you have all of your $ locked in other good trades....

With this trade we anticipate to reach our target by February but that's just an estimate. If you have your trade in ETC or another good and strong crypto but don't want to miss out on this one... here's what you do!

1. Take a look at both - IOTA and another investment you're in

2. Look at which coin has the potential of reaching the target first by looking at our charts and doing a bit of your own research to see if there are any upcoming news or forks.

3. At this point you only have 2 options.... SELL for IOTA (example) or HOLD in ETC (example)

4. If you're not sure what to do, we recommend to just hold your assets in the coin you're already are invested.
Bình luận: Just a thought here in a form of an update

Bình luận: This is a BUY still
Bình luận: IOTA is steady and will increase very soon - be patient
Bình luận: Double bottom short term so we should see up in coming hours - we would label this as a LOW-MEDIUM RISK LEVEL trade
Bình luận: Bitcoin is in center of attention right now so just let it brew... Meanwhile you can just relax for few days and let everything recover after it reaches stability!
Bình luận: Lets see if we can reach first target today
Bình luận: If we get out of trajectory bubble we'll update on whether to hold or sell
Bình luận: Support holds
Bình luận: Recovery is a slow process. Patience is key at this point!
Bình luận: Dropped below support zone, lets see if we can get back

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Cool, thx!
Phản hồi
The volume is still too low. We need some good news (new partners/ exchanges,,) to move up. Just curious, how/why do you come up with $7 target?
Phản hồi
@Hailshadow, Most of coins that go over 100% every single day, don't have any news releases and etc... It's not always the news that move coins up.
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