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@IOTA dreams

Market Cap. 120 billion here we come. In 5 weeks to Mars because fomo and stuffs.
Bình luận: I just realised how bad this chart is. lol
but maybe if you adjust it in this way it should be better:

3 green bars for first rally in summer 2017
5 green bars for second rally in late 2017
and about 10 green bars for the next rally from week 15 in 2018.

So by this logic I'll be having a big party by mid June. Than I'll try to short it, loose everything and be starting the next semester in college with the same amount of money I've got today.
Why? Because IOTA is the future and will go to the Mars, just like Old Musky.
But don't be running around telling all the fools. They will be carrying their bartcoin bags, homeless, sleeping in their lambos at night.
Bình luận: oh btw. this is obviously no ARMA model or any of that good stuff I just multiplied random numbers.
so please don't take this as financial advice. that would be highly retarded.
Bình luận: hey kids. wanna see some history repeating? I sure do!!!
Bình luận:

Waiting for a premature retrace now for almost 3 days.

So here’s a closer look of what I’m expecting for the next few days.

It will probably stop just short of the 0.382 fib from ATH rally. Than retrace about half of the upward move we saw in the last 10-15 days. If all goes well it should land somewhere in the green box. If it goes trough the box I’d say next stop is double line which represents the big upwards trend.

If it breaks that with a certain force and confidence than Gargamel caught the smurfs despite their new miniature BMW i8 which they charged using IOTA and there will be nobody left using it anymore. Except me. I’ll be buying back at around….I don’t know. We’ll see when I bought.

Anyways, few extras: keep an eye on the RSI. On all time frames. Don’t look at it’s value but what else it shows you. Compare. Is it showing the same on all TF’s? if not, which one do you think matters more? which one actually mattered more looking back at history? things like that.

Will not eat shorts if wrong. Don’t put your money where I tell you because that’s stupid and you know that.(aka. not trading, investment or life advice)
Bình luận:
New color scheme new me!

Also trying to visualise my ideas with EW now as that seems to be absolutely cool. Problem is that I'm not so cool with EW. So if you see any or a lot of mistakes feel free to call me out on it. I will fight you. But I will also admit that you're probably right.

And although this is a 3h chart look for a break of the mayor upwards trendline on the daily chart, I don't think it has a lot of dominance anyways but a close on the daily below it should provoke some reaction from shaky hands.

If we break that we may end up in a little triangle in case people feel uncertain about their decisions or follow the C wave to the 50fib-ish.
Bình luận: I meant of course the 23.6fib-ish.

also not trading or financial advice.
Keep your stick on the ice!
Bình luận: My prediction won't happen. Who would've thought?
We are moving to slow and will only see around 4.25ish at best before we resume going down or sideways.

Will probably start shorting from 4.20ish with stop loss at 4.50ish.
In case 4.50 happens fast enough I'd stay out and watch the blowoff from a distance.
Plenty of opportunities to be had in this cryptoverse in the future.
The timeframe needs some more room, anyway the tech is really good ;)
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It's not possible if you look at market cap I think
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ddmoln TheDudeForex
@TheDudeForex, I'm obviously just dreaming of lambos, boats and jets. :)
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@ddmoln, Well, then dream on I think? ;)
Phản hồi
Dreaming my dreams...

Possible, may be not in 5 weeks but until december. why not
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