Iota Rising - HODL - Buy and Hold

Global M1 money supply is 25 Trillion USD.
M1 money supply is defined as Cash and equivalents, i.e. currency which is free and instant to transact.
Iota is the only crypto currency which is free and instant to transact.
Iota is therefore the only crypto currency eligible to be categorised as M1 money supply and is eligible to compete for a piece of this 25 Trillion USD market.
Iota has the advantage over other M1 aggregates in that it is globally portable in an instant, where as physical cash must be transported.
It has another advantage of not being subject to central bank intervention or counterfeiting.
Market cap of Iota is at approx. 4 Bln Dollars as of writing up this idea on 29 November 2017.
Number of Iota coins is fixed, coin supply is permanently stable and pricing is purely demand based.

Iota captures 5% of the market for M1 monetary aggregates in the next 5 years.

5% of 25 Trillion USD = 1.25 Trillion USD
1.25 trillion / 4 billion = 312

Iota market cap could well reach 1.25 Trillion USD.
Thats 312 time todays 0.00% market cap of 4 Billion USD.
An investment today has the potential to grow 312 times its size

In my opinion, the 5% of M1 is conservative, given the advantages that virtual currencies have over fiats. This is a realistic possibility.

Buy and Hold!

IOTA is just copyingthe movements of ETH and BTC.
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