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IOTA - BTC Futures FUD is Over, To Infinity and Beyond!

The amount of novice trader panic buying at the all time high indicates a very strong resistance point at $5.5 as everyone is trapped there. A second resistance point is at $5.15 when we failed to break it on 12/6 and 12/8. A third resistance point is at $4.45 where we have successful passed and broke out on 12/7, but failed to breakout on 12/10. As of now we're looking to retest $4.45 again, if we managed to breakout, it is a very bullish signal. We're very likely to go all the way back to $5.15 before bouncing back down.

We have 2 support. A weaker support at $3.75 as seen on 12/8 and 12/10. A super major support at $3.5 as seen on 12/8 and 12/9. We have managed to stay above $3.5 despite all the BTC FUD indicates that $3.5 is a very solid support. If $3.5 support breaks, we're looking to sell everything immediately.

Trade Setup:
- Stop Loss at somewhere around $3.5
- Sell 30% IOTA at $5.15 to secure profit in case we can't break through $5.15 resistance.
- If we manage to break out of $5.5, there's nothing that can stop us. Sell 70% at $5.9
Bình luận: We have broke through the $4.45 resistance. We're looking to go all the way up to $5.15 before the second resistance point.
Bình luận: We failed to break through $4.45 resistance. We're very likely to go down. We'll wait for the second 1h candle to confirm the signal.
Bình luận: As of now, Stoch, MACD, and CCI is showing a huge buying momentum. We might be retesting $4.45 again. Hopefully we break that before tomorrow morning.
Bình luận: Good morning, It seems that no much had happened over night, but the gap between the bottom and $4.45 resistance is getting smaller and smaller. It seems that IOTA id hsving a rough time breaking through this resistance. We failed twice yesterday, let's see what will happen today.
Bình luận:

$4.45 resistance is quite strong, we've tried a total of 3 times as of now. I'm predicting a breakout by midnight. Boillinger Band is getting narrower indicates either a significant advance or decline in the future.
Bình luận:

So far so good. Let's play a little game predicting when the breakout occurs.

MACD, CCI, and Stoch indicating a good and strong buying momentum from the market.

New Trade Setup:
Stop Loss: $4
Take Profit #1: $4.9 (20%)
Take Profit #2: $5.1 (20%)
Take Profit #3: $5.9 (60%)
Bình luận: Bounced above the trend line as expected. If we have enough volume, expect a breakout before the end of tomorrow tonight.

Please remember, a Bollinger Band Squeeze indicates both a huge INCREASE or DECREASE. If we do fall below the trend line, we will no longer be going long but instead shorting it. If that happens, I'll make a new post with a new setup.

Good luck to all and good night.
Bình luận: Sooner than I've expected, we broke through $4.45 resistance. Waiting for second 30 min candle for confirmation.
Bình luận: Breakout confirmed! We have a significant amount of increase in volume. Strong buying momentum on CCI, MACD, and Stoch.
Bình luận: First Target of $4.9 reached. Trust me, don't be greedy. Secure that profit first.
Bình luận: It is very unlikely that we fall below $4.45 again after the breakout, so feel free to increase your position from the $4.9 trade we've profited from. I'm looking for $5.2 and above by morning. If the trend breaks, we will short it.
Bình luận: We are running low on volume due to LTC fomo. It'll be interesting to see what would happen when LTC pump is over. Overall, we are still in a safe spot.

New Stop Loss: $4.39

If we break below $4.45 it's game over. we will stop going long and proceed to short it when that happens.
Bình luận: We bounced off of $4.5 support. Most likely going back up, waiting for second 1h candle for confirmation. We should be able to reach our second target by tonight.
Giao dịch được đóng thủ công: Stop loss of $4.39 reached. We will wait to reach re enter once we see momentum.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: re enter. 2nd 1h candle shows a bounce back up from our support at $4.45

Very sorry for the late update, I had no wifi
Any update?
Phản hồi
Great TA and clear comments. thanks for the good work man!
Phản hồi
IOTA is bouncing back fast - 4.7 as I type... any updates?
Phản hồi
Take Profit #1: $4.9 (20%)
Take Profit #2: $5.1 (20%)
Take Profit #3: $5.9 (60%)
when you say this, what do you mean? is this you taking 20% profit at #1 the #2 then 60% @ #3 ?

essentially when would you buy again, with an order at $4.5x ?

sorry for the n00b question, just trying to understand the logic.
Phản hồi
ErnestEA CharlieTecho
@CharlieTecho, Just selling 20% of the IOTA that you own. you may of course choose to increase your position by buying at a lower price.
Phản hồi
@ErnestEA, thanks for the reply Ernest. Makes more sense on how the strategy works.
Phản hồi
@ErnestEA , I noticed it just touched 4.5 support then, would the 45 min candle need to close below 4.5 support to confirm trend reversal?
Phản hồi
Or maybe we just have a correction after a big triangle breakout?
And it's connected with running out of volume due to LTC ride...
Do you think ~$7 is out of reach for the next 24-48 hrs (13th-14th IOTA meetups)?
+2 Phản hồi
So, what are you thinking now? The price keeps up, or it will be adjusted now?
Phản hồi
Good . First Profit i got it , i have just Buy agian 4.730,waiting next target
Phản hồi
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