IOTA: Scared for a real crash? Buy future used coins like IOTA!

Ok guys this is my opinion. This is what I do at the moment. I'm buying coins with huge future potential, coins with partnerships and extra ordinary coins like IOTA.

I really feel IOTA will have a great future it will be used for so many things. In crashes like this, just go shopping. Coins like IOTA will be a great buy, because they will be used in the future and have a real use case, instead of lots of other alt-coins.

I'm not the kind of guy with big speeches or something. Just look into IOTA your self. Why would you stress so much, when there is a correction happening? Just hold coins like IOTA and you get great return! Blockchain will be a big part in the future.

Their is just a big problem, their so many useless coins and copycat coins, their will be a few big winners and more losers. That's why people should coins with a great future usecase like IOTA.
Bình luận: Their big updates comming:
- They assist Tapai to build a smart-city in Taiwan with the use of IOTA;
- The CDO from volkwagen told their will be new autos with a build in IOTA wallet;
- Oister Pearl (PRL) is making file secure storage possible on the IOTA network;
- Their soon three new wallets called Trinity, Nelium and CarrIOTA;

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I have the same opinion that you.
If I have more Money. I will buy again on 1.4
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Nice, thx!
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Still HODL since $4.x should I just keep or re-enter.
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Until BTC stops bleeding it makes no sense to make any predictions for any alts.
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knowhatamine PRO AdrianZieniewicz

why are you here then? :D

It always makes sense to make predictions, regardless which state a market is currently in.

Cryptos have always been volatile, it's just that now the bears are on the longer end of this game of tug of war.
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AdrianZieniewicz knowhatamine
@knowhatamine, I'm here because I have the privilege to use internet freely, lol, thanks for asking.
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knowhatamine PRO AdrianZieniewicz

Yeah ok then, but why is the internet here?
How long will we be here? And where exactly is 'here'?

I'll miss you Adrien, I really will.
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AdrianZieniewicz knowhatamine
@knowhatamine, It's Adrian with an a :).
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IOTA´s concept always sounded great to me, but they missed to improve their system in terms of transaction speed and usability (the wallet is a mess). Instead they tried to push their price with strange marketing.
There are other revolutionary projects that deliver on their promises.
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@tradmantd, Their currentyl working on three new wallets: Trinity, Nelium and CarrIOTA.
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