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How many times have you developed a well justified trading plan that you knew would be successful if you implemented it and stuck to your plan, only to have it killed in its tracks when emotions took over and you started to break the trading rules that you had set?

I have been guilty of that transgression and it has cost me dearly at times, so I have decided to develop a swing trading strategy that systematically prompts me with long / short trade recommendations that will provide more discipline for my trades.

This model uses 5 key indicators: The Parabolic SAR , the 5 Day SMA , the 10 Day SMA , the 10 Day Linear Regression Curve, and the 15 Day Linear Regression Curve. Combined together they provide a very good visual representation of the key days for Long/Short trade entry. The key indicator for triggering the trade is when the 2 Linear Regression Curves cross over. The model is specifically designed for swing trading back and forth between 3X leveraged funds such as JNUG             and JSDT, that exhibit high volatility with extreme price swings.

The unique thing about this model is a feature that I added to set a starting date that shows trades from that day going forward. A nice feature that allowed me to back test my strategy for a limited time frame as opposed to the Trading View default which covers every tick on the chart.

The model also allows me to set set Risk Management parameters such as starting capital, profit targets, and stop limits to automatically trigger trade exits when goals are reached or trades reverse unexpectedly.

Having explained the mechanics of the model, I have posted the above screenshot, which is a sample backtest starting on December 15, 2016. The Starting Capital was set to $5000, Profit Target per trade was set to $5000, and Stop Limit was set to $500. The back tested results as of March 21 shows an 80% profitability on 5 trades....

I plan to start using this model over the coming months to manage my swing trades in JNUG/JDST, and have reset my start date for March 1st.

My first position opened was on March 10 (Long JNUG             ), so stay tuned for periodic updates regarding its success…...
Giao dịch bắt đầu: I've been watching my model for a few weeks now, and we have been in a consolidation period with no clear direction on JNUG.

I did get short signal a few days ago, but the 5/10 day SMA's did not support the trade, so I have kept my long position from March 13th open. Yesterday the model threw out another Long recommendation that validates my original March 13th Long Entry.

I hope to refine the model a bit to try to eliminate trade recommendations based flat SMA trends.
where to get this script?
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Where do you get the LRC's? The only one I can see is the USC-LRC but it doesn't match up to the values in your curves.
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I know about leaving money on the table. Can you provide the script?
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Now all you need is for JNUG/JDST to keep on making really clean swings like in the period you're showing here. There are no magic bullets, and tools like this are REALLY dangerous on leveraged ETF's. Fine to use on a blue chip or a non-leveraged ETF.
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