BITTREX:KMDUSD   Komodo / Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
BITTREX:KMDUSD             has a functioning application and is the front runner when it comes to atomic swaps. I believe BITTREX:KMDUSD             has strong potential to be a massive success for investors and developers. I see this trying to complete a full cycle, of which waves 1-4 are in place.Looks like it just came out of the bottom of the 4 wave and is starting a 1 wave inside the 5. Short term, top target is $30. Going long on this could show 14k% gains, as it dumped on the market at $1009.

Entry: $6.7248 ($6.80-$8.00)
S/L: 10%
TP1: $14
TP2: $20
TP3: $30

This is not a recommendation to buy or sell. It is only intended for educational purposes.
Bình luận: I cant update the stop-loss, but the current retracement looks like it should touch the .618, around $6.04. I, personally, am not using a stop-loss, as I strongly believe in this platform and holding the coins in the native wallet will allow you to accumulate interest in the form of KMD. Even in the event of a lower retracement, the overall direction should remain for the intended targets. Just wanted to give my thoughts as to an update. I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Bình luận: Alright, this is all about learning. So I now believe the likely scenario is that this will touch down to the top of the previous one wave, which will be around $2.70. I've been laddering in and will continue to do so down to that 2.70 target. I hope everyone is having a great day, if not, change your perspective! :D
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