BINANCE:LINKBTC   ChainLink / Bitcoin
Nah really though, I think ChainLink is an absolute gem of a coin.
ChainLink is trying to be the first decentralised oracle             service running on the Ethereum             blockchain with plans to incorporate themselves into every smart contract providing service there is. The reason why this is huge is because it is
1) an oracle            
2) a decentralised one at that
The reason why these 2 points are so important is because at the moment smart contracts have no way to actually have contact with any of the outside world, making smart contracts almost solely limited to and onto the blockchain, and secondly a decentralised oracle             service, with multiple security features planned for ChainLink, for instance not rewarding the "freeloading" nodes and looking for ways to prevent Sybil attacks etc, makes it, if it actually works, one of the most secure oracle             services out there, thus making smart contracts secure as well.
The way I think of it is this.
In the 1850's in Australia, Victoria we had the gold             rush. The ones who made bank are 1) the miners who struck gold             2) the guys who provided the pickaxes.
In this case, smart contracts are the gold             and ChainLink - if it works, are the picks. IF this coin actually works out and does what it sets out to be in the whitepaper, this coin will literally surge well into the top50 marketcap, without a doubt. BTW             this is speculative investing at its finest, I am no financial advisor, don't actually listen to me, be critical an do your own research.
These are partnered with SWIFT and apparently working together to create a decentralised oracle             service, it is unknown at this time whether SWIFT will use ChainLink or use their own developed Smart Contract oracle             .

Buy: 0.00004594 - 0.00005595
Sell: NEVER! Or if you must 0.00012977 - 0.00013500, or 0.00018229 - 0.00019000

Chainlink is releasing their simplified version of the Go Chainlink network by the end of March, but before then Sergey Nazarov - CEO             of ChainLink will be attending 2 major conferences, Bitcoin             superconference and SXSW conference as the head speakers.

Beautiful cup and handle . Seriously I don't think I've seen a more beautiful cup and handle before. However, I'm more of an Elliot Wave Trader so I'll use that as the basis of my analysis.
Chainlink at the peak of the 5 waves reached a high of around 0.00009819, and retested that high twice. The first impulse wave up had completed and is either nearing end of correction or starting the 3rd supercycle wave up. At current prices, LINK is almost perfectly retraced to the 0.5 and 0.618 regions sitting nicely in between, at its low of the retracement LINK had reached 4000 sats             making it just below the 0.618 region. Using fib extensions, I target just above the 1-1 extension because the 3rd wave in elliot wave is often the longest, but never the shortest. That puts it around the 0.00013000 mark, and the final 5th wave at around 0.00018000 mark.

No need to rush into this trade, this coin won't be moving all that much since Mr Nazarov adopts the no news, but when I have news its huge, kind of approach.

BTW             I'm still learning TA, so any feedback and criticisms will be greatly appreciated and welcomed.
So go ahead and grill me :)

Great analysis, I'm a long term and time LINK holder.
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