VERY bullish - LINK / BTC Cup and Handle pattern is almost done!

BINANCE:LINKBTC   ChainLink / Bitcoin
I see a cup and Handle pattern meaning we could go up a little more then correct into a handle form.

After that we should see ATH .

I personally LOVE Cup and Handle patterns... So much Opportunity!

Lets see what happens with this one.

Dont forget to show support if you like this or it has helped you at all!

Thanks everyone!
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@Cryptosuf what duration are you seeing on a pattern like that? like your #2 is end of January (and #3 being mid feb), is that somewhat accurate or is that just visually?
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@jbiz, just visually TIME is very very hard to predict and so I usually just do not bother. Prices can linger on sideways a lot and the time frame may be very long before your target is hit... or over night it may hit... it really cannot be predicted accurately. I hope to get a lot more accurate as i progress... this may be correct, but I do not expect it to hit perfectly as it almost never does...

Hope this helps!
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jbiz Cryptosuf
@Cryptosuf, if definitely does.. reason i am asking, for example, is i have some in XVG/BTC right now, at a 0.00001198BTC buy.. and wondering does it make more sense to move it over to LINK/BTC for a bit and let it work and then go back vs leaving it alone? (in theory)
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@jbiz, same situation here.
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Cryptosuf Lex0924
@Lex0924, lol we all seem to have some XVG huh? on the same boat
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@jbiz, I cannot help or make buying and selling decisions for anyone :( but I have XVG too... I plan on holding as I believe it will go up a lot right now and over the next week hopefully. And if I am looking at LINK I personally see it maybe increasing a little but but overall going down to complete the handle... this should take some time.

If I am correct, then to me it makes more sense to hold my XVG and then sell for LINK after i am satisfied with my XVG increase... by then hopefully LINK will be ready to go up, in that case I would be buying.... thats just me ;)
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jbiz Cryptosuf
@Cryptosuf, thanks. and I get it re: buying/selling decisions.. more just curious what your thoughts were.. thanks, your posts have been great so far.. now if only XRP would move back up finally..
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@jbiz, lol I hope so! glad I could help!
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@jbiz, don't even mention XRP, :(
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