ChainLink Buy Opportunity

BINANCE:LINKBTC   ChainLink / Bitcoin
Hello Lads,

I've been looking at ChainLink for a while now and I feel like it's a pretty good trade.
I see Chainlink has formed a big cup, all we need now is the handle!
MacD is also looking promising as it's getting out of it's slumber and getting ready to pop.

There are several ways to trade this one, based on risk management.
You can set a buy order on the bottomside of the handle, which will give you the most profits as I expect it will reach at least the 15k             sat range.
The risk involved in buying at that point is that the chart has not completed the handle yet. So if it breaks the handle pattern it could go way lower.
Set a decent Stop-Loss if you make this trade.

The second buy range is at 9k sats             . If ChainLink reaches 9k sats             , confirming the cup and handle pattern, it will be ready for a moonshot!
So this trade is safer but will make the potential profit a bit lower.

It's up to you wether you want to play this risky or safe!
Remember to make use of Stop-Losses so you won't have to hold bags for an eternity for it to go back up!


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