LMNX Textbook Broadening Bottom Pattern

This should be an interesting trade. Expect overcorrection because this stock is volatile. Maybe test with a small amount at a higher point (2) and put a joke stop-loss order somewhere around $20, fully hoping MMs take it out. Do not put a limit order down there or prices will never go down to that point. Instead, drop a market buy or complex option spread right when they try to bust the stop. Then place an imaginary stop order or alert below the prior low.

The yellow boxes are where most retail options are set to expire worthlessly.

Superstition maybe. Paranoia, perhaps? The market works against us traders. Ever hear of the 90/90/90 rule? 90% of traders lose 90% of their account in 90 days. The system is set up to help us fail. And we support it by trusting patterns like these.

Not trading advice. Rampant speculation advice, it is.
Oct 08
Bình luận: As predicted the pattern didn't hold. Gap down. Testing that triple bottom.

Bình luận

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