LISK - Winter is Coming!

POLONIEX:LSKBTC   Lisk / Bitcoin
LISK is going to release their SDK soon along with their long anticipated rebrand on the 20th of February, 2018.

LISK reached $12 last week as people were speculating the rebrand date was going to be the 22nd of November, 2017 in the previous Berlin meetup. It was apparently a shock to many that they had to wait another 3 months, so people panic sold and weak hands are selling as well, which brought down the price to $7.50 (~80000 satoshis)

We are approaching the ideal entry zone where you can accumulate more LISK. The light green zone is a safe entry and the dark green zone is the PERFECT entry for accumulation. Are we going to reach the dark green strong buy zone? Maybe, but I doubt which is why I am accumulating LISK and will eventually reach full LISK position if we happen to hit the dark green zone.

30% BUYS at 80000 - 77000 satoshis
30% BUYS at 77000 - 72000 satoshis
40% BUYS at 72000 - 64000 satoshis (Our strong buy zone)

I noted the target profits in the chart above and I will personally consider taking profit between TP2 - TP4

Target Profits (% profit calculated on an average of 7700 satoshi entry):
TP1: 129000 Satoshis - 67% PROFIT
TP2: 158000 Satoshis - 105% PROFIT
TP3: 191000 Satoshis - 148% PROFIT
TP4: 210000 Satoshis - 172% PROFIT

What if we don't get the chance to buy within the strong buy zone? Then you can either consider the 60% position to be enough and take profit if everything goes well... Or you can take a full position within the 1st and/or 2nd buy zones (As a longterm, you will probably be at good profits)


Good luck and keep profiting.

PS: I am not a financial adviser so trade/invest at your own due diligence and ONLY invest/trade with what you can afford to lose.
Bình luận: We just entered the first accumulation zone (80,000-77,000). I filled my first 30% buy at an avg of 78,000 satoshis.... Waiting for the 2nd accumulation zone (77,000-72,000 sats) to fill in another 30% of my position.
Bình luận: We entered the 2nd accumulation zone (77000 - 72000). I filled my second 30% buy at an avg of 73,000 satoshis.... Waiting for the 3rd and final accumulation zone (72000 - 64000 sats) to fill in the final 40% of my position.
Bình luận: We entered our "Strong Buy Zone". I honestly did not expect to reach that zone! Could this be our very last chance to get LISK in the $6 - $7.5 range? Maybe!

This reminds me of the chance to buy ETHEREUM at $6 months before it started it's rally to $400 last year.

I bought in my final 60% position in LISK at an average of 6800 satoshis making my average buy price of LISK at ~7150 satoshis ($7.70).

Holding LISK till March 2018, where I expect a rally taking lisk to above $20 where I will be cashing out my initial investment and leaving my profits in anticipation to a 3 figure LISK by the end of 2018.

Good luck!
Bình luận: SDK to be released soon along with 20th of February, 2018 LISK relaunch!!

This is going to be a good ride indeed :)

Donations are welcome:
LISK ADDRESS: 16913548886128029224L
Bình luận: Exiting our buy area!
Destination ----------> MOON
Bình luận: Lisk holding out well in USD value. The massive drop in BTC price is due to bitcoin's parabolic growth along with Max calling in sick for today's conference:

We have 2 support levels for LISK:
1st support 45,000 Satoshi
2nd support 28,425 Satoshi

Current price is around 48,000 satoshi ($8.70)

If you followed our buy zones, your average buy price should be around $7.50

I am personally holding onto LISK for the longterm. I invest mainly on fundamentals!
Bình luận: By "The massive drop in BTC price " I actually mean the massive drop in LSK/BTC pair price.

Good luck!
Bình luận: Back in our channel! Targets still active...
Bình luận: Psychological resistance at 100,000 satoshi. If we manage to break that resistance, we will be shooting up to TP1 129,000 satoshis. I believe we will be playing around 80,000 - 100,000 satoshi price range in the next couple of days. If you are a good trader, you can manage to increase your position in LISK with multiple shorts.

PS: If you happento sell at 99,0000 and the 100,000 satoshi resistance breaks, make sure you hop in again at 101,500 satoshis and board this rocket to the moon and not get left out. Good luck!
Bình luận: We reach our first profit target! (TP1)

Next stop, TP2 :)
Bình luận: We reached our second profit target (TP2) with 150% profit from our buy price (Which was within the strong buy zone)

Congrats to all Lisk holders... See you at TP3!

The party is just getting started :)
Bình luận: We reached our third profit target (TP3) with 170% profit from our buy price (Which was within the strong buy zone)

Congrats to all Lisk holders... See you at TP4 next month! :)
Bình luận: Are we reaching TP4 earlier than expected? Let's wait and see what LISK has in store for us!

If we reach TP4 earlier than expected, then we will have additional targets for February at an additional 50%-100% profit target. Patience is a virtue :)
Bình luận: TP4 reached.

Our "Strong Buy Area" was at around $7 and the current price is $35 which makes this a 400% profit in a little over a month.

I will update the new LISK targets soon.
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: TP4 Reached earlier than expected.

I have updated the new LISK targets here (Another 200% Potential):

Thanks Joe! It's been quite a ride!
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JoeFares Sanre4l
@Sanre4l, You're most welcome! LISK is just getting started. Enjoy the ride!
Phản hồi
Strong buy zone is fail,lisk will continue to fall(((((
Phản hồi
JoeFares cardan6006
@cardan6006, our buy zone was at the $7 range. LISK is currently at $8.30 with many more announcements to come! While it did indeed fall in BTC price, it has not fallen in USD!

BTC has been parabolic this week and 96% of coins faced significant drops in BTC value. I still believe in LISK and its great fundamentals with a potential 3x - 6x within the next 3 months! BTC is currently in bubble territory and a correction is imminent imo.

If you are not into taking risks, just hold onto your BTC for the next 5 years :)

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That's what I'm thinking too. No hurries here. Thanks for the insights. Nice to have someone on the fundamentals side. Enjoy the ride.
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JoeFares LazyCom
@LazyCom, You're most welcome, LazyCom!
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Just bought a bag load! ALL-IN! I don't need to trade for a couple months! =D $$$
Phản hồi
JoeFares mightytrader
@mightytrader, Welcome abroad :) Enjoy the ride!
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Phản hồi
JoeFares theromzes
@theromzes, :) Bumpy ride!
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