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I want to hear some of your thoughts on this. To me it looks like we're completing another wave cycle and going through the ABC correction right now before we start all over again (around mid Jan based off this daily view). Thoughts?
I think your 5-A are in fact 3-4 or even 1-2, the Stoch confirms thats a bottom nearby but not how it will fold out as always. Good trades !!
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After watching litecoin dwindle away post Charlie Lee's comments. IT will take a while before the coin can recover from the perception. Rightly or Wrongly Mr Lee's comments have affected the coin. I also belive other coins that offer enterprise and financial industry benefits will eat away at its base to take its spot in the market cap rankings. Doesnt mean you cant swing trade it out the way out. At the end of the day public perception is a big thing when somthing has no intrinsic value compared to other alternatives. Just MYHO

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