Bearish on indication on #litecoin #ltc

BITSTAMP:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Đô la Mỹ
My portfolio does include litecoin and in a good amount.

Lets talk about charts. A few other anylsis also noticed that there is a downward flag patter emerging, but we might have to wait a few more days to see if it is true. MACD indicators doesn't look good either at the moment for litecoin.

For those looking to acquire litecoin, I would say hold off for now, might be a better buying opportunities soon.

For those looking to sell litecoin, I would say HODL!!! This coin has seen better days, and by looking at its correction stage since December, there will be a very nice rise soon to come (February? March?)

At the moment, if litecoin follows the course and complete the flag pattern , then look for a a dip down to the 0.382 re-tracement level again.

Input and opinion, highly valued! I welcome them.
thank you so much! What price is the .382 retracement level? Thanks!
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@clenzner, About 130ish but 150 is a good buy.
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@clenzner, EMA 20 (gray line) is still below EMA 50 (Red Line) and it doesn't seem like it is moving back up. Very bearish scenario to me. I wouldn't recommend trading anything at this point no buying or selling until I see a bigger dip or indicators that says hey the Bulls are back.
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