LTC Exchange of Hands, Continued Bull Run

COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
As with all other graphs, this is not financial advice, just my analysis!

A continuation from my previous 2 analysis..

That being said, wow, LTC!
Great runs that were activated on nearly precisely at the Rocket Launcher Activation Signal Line. There was a huge hysteria on missing out on LTC and an exchange of hands were put out on the past day or two. A new support level has been established near the 75 USD level where the second run of the bull market ran past. Before, following the breakthrough of 80 USD, there was massive FOMO sentiment that spread throughout the market and the price of LTC pumped too quickly up to 98 USD before the momentous and enormous dip back to the 75 USD range. We're back on track after the day traders have exchanged hands, forming a beautiful exchange of hands, demonstrated above, with the HODLer whales not selling past too far past that 75 USD ranged support level . Traders too quickly bumped the LTC price up too fast, hence the massive pullback. That doesn't stop the LTC undervaluation though. There will be more trades up and down on LTC, but the general sentiment has now shifted back towards a steady climb. We'll see 100 USD soon (in accordance with a 5000 BTC/USD).

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That is if we see $5000 BTC in a week or so. If BTC hovers around $4500-$4700 for the next few weeks, I think $LTC may retrace back to $50.
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@Ayohan, Doubt it. 50s are gone for good. Also LTC retains marketcap after every big move making it more unlikely to go down to 50.
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so it will arrive to 98$ and then return back to 75$ !
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Very nice!
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